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Ziba And The Creative Approach Essay

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1) Ziba is a truly innovative and consumer focused company in that they don’t find consumers to fit products, but instead design the products to fit the consumer. Ziba starts by understanding its consumers, their target market, through various data gathering techniques. After they have a grasp on the consumer’s wants and desires, values and other deep rooting feelings. Then they begin the product idea development and design phase. This allows for the product to be completely in sync with that of the consumers. Ziba also undergoes the task of understanding its competitors as well as the market place. They take into account if the market is ready for their new product and what point in time would yield maximum satisfaction. They also see if the current economic climate could support the new product.

Upon completion of selecting the best idea, Ziba then works on building the relationship between the product, producer, and consumer as well as enhance the “customer experience”. They do this through the use of trend analysis and synthesis application. Where they sync not just the product, consumer and supplie, but also placing it in the right market at the right time.

2) Ziba’s success is greatly based on the foundation of their deep understanding their customers before designing their products. They don’t only focus on the surface elements of consumers but they tend to look deeper into how they feel , how they think, their morals and values. Going through all this trouble to truly understand their consumer allows them to create a relationship between the consumer and their product.

3) After Ziba sorts through all its consumer data and develops various ideas they then begin the process of deciding which idea to go forth with. Ziba uses a rather proactive and collaborative technique they use called the “gravity approach” where good ideas continue to be developed and float to the top of the pile and slower ones get dragged to the bottom then discarded. Also they...

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