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Yeah Essay

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Below is an essay on "Yeah" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Option 1 Academic Etiquette

      Value 150 points
      Length 3-4 pages

      In your final project, you will choose and analyze a series of rules from either MLA or APA citation style [or other, such as Turabian or Chicago] in order to explain how these rules demonstrate academic civility. For example, what is it exactly about a properly used parenthetical citation or block quote that demonstrates that a writer is “civilized?” This final document should be approximately 1,000 words and forward a coherent argument that centers on how you understand the connection between citation style rules and academic civility.

      Assessment Rubrics: Thesis, Logical Coherence, Evidence, Mechanics, Style

* * *

Option 2 Common Sense Etiquette

      Examine the rules of etiquette for one specific kind of human interaction. This could be anything from a job interview to a first date to a post on Reddit. What types of communication are appropriate or inappropriate to the context, and why? What is unique about the rhetorical situation? What is unique about what it means to be respectful in this specific interaction? How does following these “rules of etiquette” demonstrate respect or civility, and why? What personal experience do you have with these spoken or unspoken rules? Write a coherent argument that focuses on the meaning of the rules of etiquette in a specific situation.

* * *

Option 3 Personal Narrative

      Explain and analyze an experience you’ve had with civil or uncivil discourse. What happened? What was the context (rhetorical situation)? At the time, where did you draw the line between civility and incivility in such a context? What was the lasting effect of this experience? What meaning does the event hold for you now, and why? How does analyzing the event in hindsight affect its meaning for you? Write a coherent argument that focuses on finding meaning in this life event (it can be big or small).

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