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Worldview Essay

  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on April 16, 2015
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Worldview Essay
Keijiro Kitashiro
CWV 101
April 20, 2014

Worldview Essay
I am a Buddhist individually. However, I am interested in his talk in God and the Bible. They are omnibenevolent (the perfect strong point) which God presupposes that it is seen and brings one completeness, the highest, and it about and which is omnipresent by being omnipotence (it is immediately anywhere) (it is altogether powerful), and omniscience (know all). In many cases, existence of God is a problem of discussion completely while he is a creator of the earth and a human being at some; He is a sustainer of the universe further. Other things him the preserver of the universe not but, I think that he is only a creator; While he is on itself also for those who say that it is the universe. It is still clear and God is many things to many people. It means that the characteristic of God is complicated; however, both all the characteristics of his harmonize and exist. Therefore, "God" has a wide range name and attribute. Although it is considered that God is a true merciful heart, noting that appearance is sometimes apathetic to some of the actions which he often drew and which are cold, and do not allow but are seen by the Bible. The most interest of the characteristic of God is forgiveness. He forgives people’s sins; His forgiveness protects our mind and feeling from hurting and against matters (Genesis 4:1-8, NIV).
It still becomes complicated and the character of the universe is simple. I think that God made the universe. However, I think that the essence of the state of the universe and it has always changed. Their always peculiar child and child as it similar to the child and parents who it creates and is careful grow, learn and make it adapted. It contains the thing of people, plant and planet which God made, the Galaxy, and many in which all the universes being made upwards in an atom in. Since all the things that mean that man, character and the universe (Cosgrove, 2006), and...

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