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World Charities Essay

  • Submitted by: Jaykey11
  • on March 22, 2012
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World Charities

A five year old is going to bed with an empty stomach, because all he has been able to eat in the last 48 hours is half of a ninety-nine cent cheeseburger he has to share with his sister. The five year old has a body so thin it seems as if the faintest bump or fall could break him. He goes to bed with the fear in his eyes that he might not be able to wake up when tomorrow comes. “One out of every eight children goes to bed every night hungry.”   Food is the basic necessity required for the life of humans but every year 4 million people in the world die from starvation. Even though we are advancing in technology and improving health, the one factor we struggle with is hunger. I believe that our government needs to start giving more funding to charities. Programs like the United Nations World Food Program and the ELCA World Hunger have been trying to put an end to starvation for more then 50 years now. World hunger occurs for some because they are not able to afford food, there isn’t enough food, or the distribution of food is uneven. People in poverty are typically hungry. Charities preventing world hunger are decreasing hunger rates, saving lives and teaching how to prevent hunger, but how effective are the charities you donate your money too.
Charities in many ways are slowly but surely bringing high hunger rates down. The main problem that some charities create is making the starving people dependent on the charities to provide food for them. At some charities their approach against world hunger is not the most effective. Charities like Net Aid have been flying planes to small outpost colonies all over Africa. They have been dropping off shipments of food one to two times a month. “The problem with this method of ending hunger is that providing food is not a long-term solution. It forces the people who receive this food to become reliant on it, instead of on themselves.”   This creates a never-ending cycle for the colonies and the charity...

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