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Working Bibliography Gentrification 2015 a Reasonable View Essay

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  • on April 16, 2015
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Atkinson, Rowland. ESRC Centre for Neighborhood Research. "Does Gentrification Help or Harm Urban Neighborhoods? An Assessment of the Evidence Base in the Context of the New Urban Agenda." June 2002 Web. 28 Mar 2015
This is an unbiased study that examines various effects on neighborhoods that are in the process of being gentrified. Solid data on old and new resident’s opinions about the gentrification process. This will prove to be a useable source. It relates well to my topic.

Boyd, M., The downside of racial uplift: The meaning of gentrification in an   African American neighborhood. City & Society, 17(2), 265-288.   2005.
This article draws from a 2-year ethnographic studies of the Douglas and Grand Boulevard neighborhood on Chicago's south side to examine how black advocates of gentrification understand the process and its implications for their neighborhoods. It argues that those who support attracting middle-class blacks to the community see their financial and personal investment as a form of race uplift. The study show how the same racial class of Gentrifies can minimizes the negative impact that gentrification could have on lower-income residents. Useful source as it relates to the topic on gentrification and race.

Bridge, G., Butler, T. & Less, L. Mixed communities: Gentrification by stealth? Chicago, IL: Policy Press. (2012).

This book combines a understandings of social mix from the perspectives of researchers, policy makers and planners and the residents of the communities themselves. It was the only source that shows encouraging neighborhood social mix has been a major goal of urban policy and planning in a number from day one and they pull it off by including everyone in the gentrification process. Highly relevant source as a solution to the issues surrounding gentrification.

Brown-Saracino, Japonica. A Neighborhood That Never Changes: Gentrification, Social...

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