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Woody Allen the Rejection Essay

  • Submitted by: Afghanprince
  • on April 14, 2015
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The Short is written by Woody Allen, he was born in 1935 in Bronx, New York. He is an famous American writer, director and actor.
The novel is about a successful man, named Boris Ivanovich and his wife, Anna. One day they receive a letter from the nursery school, which says, that Mischa is rejected from “The very best nursery school in Manhattan”.
Boris is thinking about what the co-workers at Bear Stearns would think about the rejection. Most of all, Boris fears the reaction from one of his colleagues named Siminov. At Monday, when Boris goes to work, a dead hare is lying on his desk, its coming clear for Boris that everyone knows about the rejection. Siminov his co-worker tells Boris that Mischa never will be accepted by any well-known and famous college. Siminov tells Boris a cruel story about a renowned investment banker, which failed to get his son into an elite school. Siminov continues the story, and tells Boris, that the boy was forced to attend at a public school. Later on, the son of the former investment banker ended up in a barber college, and shaving the rich folks.
Nevertheless, his lawyer, Shamsky, contacts Boris. The lawyer got some good news for the terrified Boris Ivanovich. Shamsky tells Boris about a man named, Fyodorovich, he is capable of arranging a second interview for Mischa. However, for the service Boris is forced to give information about “certain companies” stocks. Boris accepts the “bribe”, although he knows that inside trade information is forbidden and illegal. Shamsky also tells Boris that a donation would help as well. The conversation takes place in a restaurant called Le Cirque, where Boris has been denied access since people heard the news of his son. Boris is “masked” but unfortunately, for him, he is recognized and thrown out by a waiter.
When Boris gets home to his wife Anna, he tells, that they have to sell the country house, because they have to raise money for getting Mischa into the nursery school. Anna starts...

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