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Women Image Essay

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  • on March 22, 2012
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Alyssa Latimer

When thinking of a model, most images that come to mind are tall and freakishly skinny. Models are becoming unhealthier in the fact that designers are creating an environment for young girls to wear adult clothing because of their undeveloped body figures. Modeling these expensive designer clothing in New York Fashion week is “young” adults who weigh about 23% less than the average women who would purchase the merchandise. Luckily, Diane Von Furstenberg; the president of the Council of Fashion Designers of America has decided to use “her might fashion reign for right.” She is creating new guidelines to help pioneer the fashion industry into a healthier atmosphere.

Models have been put under pressure to be thinner and thinner, which has resulted in being younger and younger to fit in the designers sample size. Hiring these underage girls gives the designer the step ahead of the other companies because these girls haven’t developed women’s features such as hips and breasts. Because these young girls aren’t fully developed, it “sets an unrealistic standard” to the clients who purchase the clothing. Von Furstenberg now “insists on seeing identification from models to prove they are 16.” The reason as to why the industry is pushing the designers to hire models that are older than 16 is because the older they are the more likely to have maturity to deal with being rejected by designers and treated with disrespect. I do agree with the controversy that 14 year old girls shouldn’t be hired as models to advertise adult clothing. It’s somewhat like false advertising, you see the clothing being worn by young girls when a middle age women would be purchasing it for herself. The clothing will not look the same on the middle age women as it did on the young model.

To help campaign the new world of healthier, older fashion models, improved food choices will be back stage for the models to munch on. By promoting good types of food at events such as New...

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