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Wolves and the Eco System Essay

  • Submitted by: cutiekrissy81
  • on August 18, 2015
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My Writing Issues and Topic
Unit 2
Kristin Gudmundsen

My three writing issues, would be use of commas and semi colons. I never know exactly where they should go. I feel that sometimes I will not be taken as seriously when the comma is in the wrong place. I am never sure where to use a semi colon either. My second issue would be my ability to proofread. I always miss something when I proof read, once my other half reads it, he finds it right away, but I just cannot see all of my own errors. I would say my third problem is tone. Sometimes I am not sure which tone to use and if it is being conveyed correctly. I plan to work on all of these things, I am sure this class will help me learn all the skills needed to make my papers better.

The topic I picked is the reintroduction of wolves back into Oregon. The reason I picked this topic is that there are some people who are not happy that wolves are back. Mostly, farmers and hunters. I do understand why farmers are not happy that wolves are back as they do sometimes eat livestock. They are part of our eco system and it has been proven that our eco system does flourish when they are part of it. The hurdles will be convincing farmer that in fact we do need wolves. I think that if we offered a government subsidy like we do with corn farmers to offset the cost of lost livestock farmers may be less angry at the wolves. I plan to do this by finding research that shows that our eco system is better with wolves then without them.

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