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Windshield Survey Essay

  • Submitted by: blove2
  • on April 16, 2015
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Community and Population Health Windshield Survey Directions: This assessment is a foundational exercise for you to learn about your environment and explore where you live. Take some time to intentionally explore your county. Look at your county as the home and the place of work for the county residents. While driving through your community, stop for coffee or have lunch in a neighborhood. Find a place to eat where you can sit down as part of the community. You may want to walk around your community as well so that you can explore it from both a driving perspective and a walking perspective. Once you have observed the area, write about your impressions of the county in your notes. Reflect on any surprises and whether the county looks different to you now after taking the time to note the various elements. What would you like to learn more about related to your topic and population of interest? You may want to sketch a map related to your topic area for future reference when writing your community description. Take notes on the county using the following questions as a guide. These questions are only to provide guidance; you may discover other areas that you want to note. Include your findings in the community description section of your paper. You will use this information to complete task 1 for your “Community Health and Population-Focused Nursing” course. Collecting this data will help you define your population of interest and prepare for your practicum experience. You may also want to reference these results in the resources and partners section of your paper. ELEMENT DESCRIPTION: Housing and Commercial Buildings:  How old are the houses and buildings in the community?  What materials are the homes and buildings constructed from?  Are all the houses similar in age and architecture?  How would you characterize their differences?  Are the houses detached or connected to each other?  Are there solar panels? Windmills?  Do the houses have space in front or...

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