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Wicked Essay

  • Submitted by: molly98
  • on April 2, 2014
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Evaluation of My Lesson

I planned a suitable lesson for the group I was teaching as they were my peers. I made sure when planning my warm up it covered the main muscles needed for football, and also included a quick lap around the pitch to get them moving, although I had also planned for a cool down but we didn’t do it because the game ran over.
My plan also gave into consideration of the ability and skills of the different people in the group – some people have higher abilities and so the drill could be adapted and be challenging.
The equipment wasn’t already set out as it would’ve gotten in the way of the warm up, I made sure there were enough footballs and that they weren’t flat as this could’ve been a health and safety issue.
To improve I could possibly plan a slightly different warm up so the equipment could be set out and prevent people standing around, also planning for those who may not want to participate in certain activities.
During the session I used an auto-cratic leadership style as at some points my group weren’t listening to me, I then also used laissez-faire and let the group make their own decisions (like pick their own teams) to keep them motivated and want to play, I showed knowledge of the sport and knew about the scoring system so I could referee non bias.
I could develop my confidence so I could have controlled the group more, to improve on this I could lead/coach more lessons which may help my confidence in controlling big groups. The young leaders award could develop my confidence and the course could give me tips to plan more effective, also taking afterschool clubs could give me more experience and knowledge of taking larger groups. During the session I didn’t stick to my plan as such, in the future I should stick to it to show that I'm organised and maybe I will also be confident as I will know exactly what I'm doing.

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