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Why Women Should Keep Their Maiden Names Essay

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  • on March 22, 2012
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Why do Women have to Change Their Name?

Ever since the dawn of time, when the female members of the human race marry, they change their last names to that of their husbands. But what if women kept their maiden names? What changes would come to the society we have grown to know?   Women these days slowly become more independent of their husbands and deciding to keep their maiden names, rather than change to the last names owned by their spouses.
Year after year, around 3 million women fall in love, get married, and follow the tradition of taking on their new husband’s name, dropping their maiden name (Lowen). Women follow the paths that their mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers took before them in keeping the tradition. But what benefits changing your last name to your husband’s? Nothing more than getting rid of the hassle of being introduced as “Mr. Jones and Ms. Smith” and having the public wonder if your kids resulted from wedlock. So why are women changing their names?
However, many things present benefits to keeping a women’s name. One benefit of keeping a women’s maiden name stands that if that name is more widely recognized and well-known in the industry. For instance, if Ms. Smith became a lawyer and worked her way up in a law firm after graduating from law school, by the time she decided to marry Mr. Jones, she would not want to change her name and have to tell people that the famed Ms. Smith became Mrs. Jones.
Another benefit states that women who keep their maiden name tend to make more money than if they change their names to their husband’s. Studies show that women keeping their maiden names increased from 1975’s 4% to around 20% today (Demos). Ms. Smith holds the higher chance of making money than if she changed her name to Mrs. Jones because she created a brand for herself in the law business and made Smith better known then Jones.
The main reason women begin to now debate on keeping their maiden name exists because of the subject...

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