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Why People Behave the Way They Do Essay

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After I learn about human behavior and “why people behave the way they do” it is reminding me one of my cousins. She has been neglected in her early age. She is the person who does whatever to call attention from others. She learns how to develop the skills to influence other to adoring her. From the emotional hole that has been created in her childhood has been developed throughout her life. She has been reacting in varying personality in order to fulfill her emotional hole for example she likes to compare herself to others and she likes to be a winner in any situations. She feels that she would get attentions if she is the winner and everybody would like to be with her. However, even though she acts in well manner, and behave the way that stick in the moral way, but I see that nevertheless she has the most successful, she always feels insecure and unhappy with her life. Her emotional holes created by lacking of her mother’s love which is never fulfill her hole. Many times that she has done something bad she get away with it and pretend that bad thing has never happened. This is one of dangerous defense mechanisms under denial-refusal to be aware of reality.
Emotional hole is the things that we can’t delete or get rid of but we could get the benefit out of recognize the emotional hole in a person. Not only help we understand in a person’s needs, avoid the confliction with that person, manage, organize our way of thinking toward this person but also understand ourselves too. It benefits me in the way of associate with a person who has emotional hole so that I would understand that person needs and moreover the other person will be a mirror to reflect my emotional hole that I can improve my self awareness to protect myself from making wrong decision.
When I was working in the school as a teacher for high-school, I always had an extra duties about fixing computers. My co-worker used to laughed at me and compare with her believe, she said “You should not say you...

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