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Why I Am the Way I Am Essay

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It’s difficult to wrap my mind around how truly amazing our world is and how we all came to be, and of course evolution is a very essential part of this. I have become whom I am from many generations of ancestors who passed down their genes through the shuffling of their own DNA along with the DNA of another member of the human species to produce a new genome. This has continued down my family tree and thus I have been created with many of the same genetics as my ancestors. Sexual reproduction is the reason I am who I am, and its explains many things behind not only human nature, but all nature in general. Sex gives nature the reason for fireflies to flash through the night to find a mate, or even for insects to be attracted to a flowers perfume and then carry the pollen to distant partners. The thing is all sexual reproducing organisms take the same steps to make a new offspring, and that is unbelievable. Now almost all human cells are diploid, meaning each one contains two copies of very similar, or homologous, chromosomes. As a sex cell divides, they give rise to haploid sex cells of sperm and eggs, each with only one chromosome from each pair. Only when one sex cell fuses with another does it become part of a new diploid genome. With this in mind, it is apparent that I wouldn’t be who I am, without evolution taking place. Evolution is an essential part of creation, and creation is the maximum manifestation of Gods physical universe. Evolution is just the mechanism by which the universe runs after its creation by God. I find it hard to believe that such an intricate, perfectly formed, and beautiful universe would have occurred randomly. Human nature and nature in general are so incredible and amazing, that to me its evidence of our creative God. In the long run sex and the evolution of human nature truly go hand and hand, with sex maybe being the reason for speeding up evolution. Evolution has had many benefits on sex, by increasing genetic variability,...

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