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Why Firearms Should Remain Legal Essay

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Yahya Haider
Ms. Stephany
Persuasive Speech
March 13, 2014
Should Firearms be Legal?
Crash! You hear your bedroom window shatter. You wake from your sleep and instantly spring out of bed to see an intruder standing a few feet away from you. In the moonlight you see the silvery glisten of a knife in his hand. Without wasting a second you bolt to your closet, pull out your Glock, load it, and aim it at the burglar. You command him to drop his weapon and not to move as you dial the police. But imagine if you were not prepared and did not have a firearm available to you. I believe if we as individuals don’t possess firearms we will not be able to protect others and ourselves in times of crisis.
In my opinion the most important reason firearms should not be banned is that without them you may not be able to protect yourself from criminals and bad guys. An example of this was shown in the holocaust. After Hitler rose to power he introduced gun laws which clearly stated that Jewish people shall not have the right to manufacture or own ammunition and firearms. Hence the Jews were not able to protect themselves from the Nazi’s, and therefore nearly six-million Jews were murdered. On the other hand if the Jews had firearms they could have protected themselves and lowered the number of deaths in the holocaust, maybe even prevented it.
If you assume banning firearms will prevent crime you are wrong, it will only increase crime-rates. How do I know this? Well according to the Huffington Post, six years after firearms were banned in the United Kingdom gun-crime there had more than doubled; and by 2009 gun-crime had jumped by a colossal 89%. So if your logic in banning guns is to prevent crime why ban guns if it will only increase crime-rate and make unarmed civilians vulnerable to criminals?
Another reason I think firearms should not be banned is because if the government decides to ban firearms, how will they confiscate firearms from the people who already have ones?...

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