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Whos Irish Essay

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  • on April 3, 2014
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Who’s Irish
This paper is about the story “Who’s Irish” written by Jen Gish in 1999. It’s about a sixty-years-old Chinese woman who has emigrated from China to USA, and how she is struggling with the social and cultural differences.
b) Characterize the narrator and comment on the relationship between the narrator and Nathalie

Characteristics of the narrator
The narrator, which is also the main character, is a sixty-year-old Chinese woman who has emigrated from China to the US. She escaped from China with her husband and daughter Natalie. She runs a Chinese restaurant with her husband.
She has been living in USA for quite a while but she is still struggling accepting other cultures which are different from her own. That’s also why she has a hard time dealing with his son-in-law and his Irish culture.  
The narrator is awfully judgmental and compares everything she sees with Chinese values and standards. That’s why she is disappointed in her daughter, who insists of living the American way and raising her child with American values and not with Chinese values.

She is a very controlling person and she is use to get the things her way, and if that’s isn’t the case, she is very straightforward and speaks her mind. But in spite of all her negative characteristics, she is a loving mother, grandmother and wife who only wish the best for her family.
Comment on the relationship between the narrator and Nathalie
The narrator and her daughter, Natalie, lives together with Natalie’s husband John and their daughter Sophie. There are a lot of controversies getting played out in this story between Natalie and her mother, especially when it comes to the upbringing of Natalie’s daughter. The narrator wants to raise the child with Chinese values, but Natalie and John is raising their daughter with American values.  

The narrator upbringing methods are very Chinese and old fashion, she uses consequences for her granddaughter, as seen at p. 167, l. 30...

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