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Who Was to Blame for the Titanic Disaster? Essay

  • Submitted by: koolkat007
  • on April 2, 2014
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Below is an essay on "Who Was to Blame for the Titanic Disaster?" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Was anyone to blame for the Titanic disaster?

I am writing this report to give you my opinion on who I think was responsible for the titanic disaster. This report will tell the reader about my opinion and the reasons I think was to cause for the titanic to sink. The issues I think this report will cover are why it is there fault and what mistakes they made.
Mistake A:
There was the captain of the ship who was in charge of the ships speed and what way it went, he was made the ship travel at 20 knots per hour, close to its top speed, if he had been ravelling slower maybe he would have been able to avoid the ice burg.
Bruce Ismay, he was in charge of the company that owned the titanic, they both wanted publicity and to be the first one to reach America on such a big ship, so I think the captain was speeding the ship because of Bruce Ismay and the company.
Mistake B:
There was the Ship Builder, who helped put the ship together; he was working for the company. He was the one who riveted the ship together but the mistake he made was when he used poor iron to rivet the ship, it would have been more stronger but the company didn’t   have enough money so he riveted the ship with cheap poor quality iron, so the ship might have lasted longer when the ice burg hit.
Mistake C:
There was Thomas Andrews who helped make the ship, he made the compartments for the bottom of the ship. He made the compartments smaller so he could fit more stuff on the first class bits of the ship, so they had more publicity for the company; if he had made the walls bigger then it might not have tipped over and sunk because the size he made the compartments were too small because if only four of them filed up with water it would have sunk but if he had made the walls bigger and if four of the compartments got full of water it wouldn’t have sunken because it has more compartments the are empty and then weight of the water in the four Big compartment would not have pulled it...

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