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Who Is God And How Is He Potrayed In The Media Essay

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  • on March 23, 2012
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Who is God? And How is He Portrayed in Bruce Almighty, The Simpsons and The Song One of Us?
God is portrayed differently wherever you go and especially by media.   Media has so much of an influence in today’s society whether it is good or bad. After seeing 3 different ways of how God is portrayed it is clear that there is no real right answer to ‘Who is God?’ However something that stood out in all of them was it was a person but a male.
In Bruce Almighty God was portrayed as being a black man with a beard who wore white. He also had magic powers that allowed him to a lot of things most people couldn’t do. When God gave his powers to Bruce, everything turned a bit awry as he was using it for his own free will. However when he lost his girlfriend he could not use his powers to make her love him again which was a clear message in the film. God can’t make you love him; it’s up to you to make that decision.

Then when I saw the episode of The Simpsons where Homer tried to convince everyone dooms day was about to happen and he met up with God, God was portrayed differently again. He was still a man and also had a beard. He also wore white but was bigger than everyone else however you could not see his face and he wasn’t black like what was portrayed in Bruce Almighty. Heaven was also portrayed as being a place where you get everything you want.
God is also portrayed differently again in the song ‘One of us’. In this song God is portrayed as being an ordinary person, a stranger in our own society. ‘What if God was one of us?Just a slob like one of us, just a stranger on the bus’ This song is basically telling us that God could be one of us, a stranger. But then it quotes ‘just a slob like one of us’ which is also saying that God isn’t perfect and he doesn’t get everything he wants.
So from all this God is portrayed differently, media being a huge influence of who we think God is. Everyone is entitled to who they think God is because he is whoever you want him to be.

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