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White-Collar Crime Essay

  • Submitted by: Verocorrea1
  • on April 3, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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White-Collar Crime: A modern perspective
Veronica Correa

The development of modern societies has led to a complex social, political, economic and legal occurrences. From the criminological perspective this has resulted in an increasing number of traditional property offences and especially in the creation of new criminal ways with economic content. Immersed in a society where there is a dominant established economic system, fast progress in economic relations, increases in loaning, etc., tempting people in high social occupations and giving them greater opportunities to commit violations in the financial and business fields. White-collar crime is a complicated, delicate and fascinating subject, not only because it involves people from economic, political and social power with a level of prestige and influence in society, but on the treatment that the media give the perpetrators of these crimes. Media exposure to crime had mainly been based on street crime such as murder, rape or kidnap. Therefore, the inevitable question is ‘Are street criminals judged harshly than white-collar criminals?’ It may be interesting to attempt to establish why they behave the way they do and find ways to prevent these economic type offences. Throughout this paper we would discuss the definition of white-collar crime, the characteristics of the white-collar offender, we will attempt to analyse white-collar crime from the criminologist and sociologist perspective and the impact that white-collar crime have in today’s society. The purpose of this is to examine perceptions of a class of offence that we could say it is more frequently observed every day compared to many years ago where it was kind of unusual in our society.
For many years white-collar crime was a hidden threat to society. However, despite today there is an increase of these crimes around the world. The term of white-collar crime was totally unfamiliar until Edwin Sutherland used it. This new concept brought many...

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