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Whitbread Plc Marketing Plan

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Four-Year Marketing Plan Whitbread PLC
This paper contains the marketing plan for Whitbread PLC for the period 2014-2017. This is a marketing plan proposed to the managers of the company as a measure of sourcing for more funds aimed at increasing the market share of the company in the industry. The company has had an illustrious performance over the years since it was first listed in the London Stock Exchange in 1948. The business has continued to see a significant change over the years in reference to the core business operations. As it continues to increase and grow, more challenges continue to emerge that require efficient solutions. In the future, Whitbread PLC seeks to increase its market share in the Hospitality industry. This will be driven by the core businesses that are increasing the company’s profits and outlook. There is a particular emphasis in the movement towards new emerging markets, seen with the recent establishment of the Costa outlet in China. This is an organization that has been able to pioneer new things in every industry it has ventured in, and the particular focus and emphasis on the hospitality industry over the turn of the 21st century proved to be true to the philosophy of the organization. The current market situation favors the company since it has been able to provide high quality products over the years making it the number one hospitality business in the UK. This goodwill creates a good image in the first place for the organization as it seeks to create a dominant market presence into the future.

Whitbread PLC was first formed as a partnership in 1742 by Samuel Whitbread, Godfrey and Thomas Shewell. This was primarily a brewery business. The partnership did not last long as Godfrey withdrew from it. Whitbread later on bought all the remaining shares to become...

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