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Which Country Will Be a Future Superpower? Essay

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  • on April 18, 2015
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Below is an essay on "Which Country Will Be a Future Superpower?" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Who will be a future Superpower?
In the past there have been several Superpowers such as Britain (The British Empire), the USA and the USSR (The Cold War). Currently America are considered to be the only true Superpower left, however in the future this may change. China, the EU, the Middle East and BRIC countries could all have the potential to become the next Superpower/s. It is believed that in the future there will be a number of Superpowers. This will be called a multi-polar world. In order for a country to become a Superpower they need to have factors such as: a stable government, good economy, ‘fear factor’, popularity etc…
A country that could obtain these factors is China. This is because it is expected that Chinas economy will overtake the USAs economy by 2018. This could be because China has increasing links with Africa. China does a lot of trade within Africa as well as investing money and culture within the continent. This also helps with Chinas popularity as they give less fortunate people in Africa opportunities. For example they have built railway tracks to help people trade and make money. Furthermore, China has possession of nuclear weapons which increases their ‘fear factor’.
On the other hand, the USA could still be a Superpower in the future. This could be because America relies on TNCs (Transnational cooperation’s) and globalisation to keep their control. They could also maintain their power by using LEDCs resources and people in order to develop cheaply. This theory links to the north/south divide. In addition to this, the USA is very technologically advanced and they use this to improve their military and weapons. A good military is important as Britain used it to create the British Empire. The USA has more weapons than China however, China has a better education system than America. This is why China could be a future Superpower as they could create more advanced technology in the future.
Another possible Superpower could be the EU....

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