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Whether God Exist Essay

  • Submitted by: CrossProton
  • on August 20, 2015
  • Category: Social Issues
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The title of my talk is “whether God exists or not.” I want to talk about it because it’s one of the most discussing questions in the world. Sometimes people’s relationships break down because they have different points of view. So I think that this problem needs discussing.

Let’s start with some background. This question worried mankind since it began to think logically.   It’s very hard to say if God really exists because we haven’t got enough knowledge to solve this problem. But who knows, maybe few years later mankind will find missing components and will come to the conclusion whether God can or can’t exist.

Firstly, let’s consider the evidence against God’s existence. The main one is the Big Bang also known as Darwin’s theory the main point of which is that universe has expanded from a hot and dense condition thousands years ago, and keeps doing it now. But there’s a question: who put it there? I don’t think that it just magically came out of nothing. Our world is too complicated to be just a result of a series of coincidences.

Now, let’s look at this problem from another angle. What if God really exists? Well, it has a lot of proofs but they mostly unreasonable, in some way. The main evidence is, of course, old religious scripts like “Bible’ or “Quran”. They’re answering the most important questions like the origin of the human kind, etc. But I don’t think that truly answer questions. They contain the basis of morality like don’t kill or don’t steal, but in my opinion their main aim is to control people.

Personally, I think that neither of these theories is true. I can’t believe in an “old man sitting on a cloud and judging whether you are worthy to enter the heaven or not”. I also don’t believe that all we see is just a series of coincidences. There must be something else that we can’t see because mankind is still too young to discover the answer to the one of the most important questions of our existence: what is the origin of humanity? Or...

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