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When Should We Trust Our Senses To Give Us Truth? Essay

  • Submitted by: almaguadalpe
  • on March 22, 2012
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Below is an essay on "When Should We Trust Our Senses To Give Us Truth?" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The pursuance of absolute truth is a journey with a seeming less end.   The complete transversal of such a path can never be reached and the best a man can hope for is a little bit of guidance towards the right horizon. In order to establish what the truth is and what it isn’t, there is a dependency placed upon the information gathered from around our environment and surroundings through sense perception. Although it is our senses that enables us with “a faculty by which outside stimuli are [can be] perceived”, they can sometimes deceives us or simply discontinue to function accordingly. Illnesses, drug and alcohol consumption, emotions, and birth defects are handicaps that affect our senses and our capacity for perceiving what is certain to be true. This thus leaves us with false interpretations of the world around us that we still might consider as being factual. We should only trust our senses to give us valid measures of our existing world when we have taken into account to what extent the truth brought to us by our senses is supported by our reason, language, and emotion.
The other ways of knowing make our senses less objective and more subjective to us. They are applied so that we can see beyond what our senses’ limits allow. Throughout the course of a day we utilize our senses vastly to notice occurrences around us. When we smell our morning coffee, when we see the sun making its route across the skies, and when we feel the warmth of our bed. It’s clear that our sensors serve as our primary sources to find truth.   They are the first to give an opinion as to what we think we are doing, seeing, eating, hearing, or smelling in our everyday lives. As perceptive as our senses are, they are still unable to be completely sentient of the habitat they are subject to. There are vast amount of details our senses are unconscious of. As humans we are not able to detect everything that exists in the physical dimension for we have an incomplete array of senses. This is...

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