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When Lightning Strikes Essay

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  • on March 22, 2012
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Jessica Mastriani is, for the most part, a typical girl in high school. She has friends, well, one friend. She has a normal family… if having a schizophrenic brother counts as normal. She’s totally and completely almost normal. That is, until she gets struck by lightning. Jess learns very quickly that hiding under metal bleachers during a thunder storm isn’t exactly the brightest idea. When she becomes conscious again, Jess brushes off being struck by lightning as no big deal. Ignoring her friend Ruth’s pleas to go seek medical attention, the pair walks home. The next morning Jessica is immediately of certain of one thing: Sean Patrick O’Hanahan is in Paoli, while Olivia Marie D’Amato is in New Jersey. Well… that’s great. That is, it would be great if she knew who those kids were. It’s not until Jess is eating breakfast that she realizes who Sean and Olivia are. They’re the kids that are listed as missing off of the back of the milk carton. Jess quickly writes down the number to call if someone was to recognize the kids and heads to school.
      After detention, a guy named Rob Wilkins offers to take Jess for a ride on his motorcycle. Jess accepts on the condition: that they can drive to Paoli. When Jess arrives in Paoli, more specifically at Sean Patrick O’Hanahan’s house, she’s a little freaked out. She knows exactly where Sean lives. She’s never even met this kid before! Before long, she sees Sean and calls out to him. Jess tells him that she’s there to bring him home. Sean quickly dismisses the idea and threatens Jess to never contact him again. He insists, a little too forcefully, that his name is Sam. Confused, Jess and Rob leave Paoli. She calls the number on the back of the milk carton, 1-800-WHERE-R-U, and despite Sean’s warnings, tells the receptionist, Rosemary, where Sean and Olivia are located.
    The next morning, Jess calls the same number and reports two new kids that she saw on the back of a new milk carton. The next morning, Special Agents...

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