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When Can I Speak Essay

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John Livingston
Dr. Ochola
English 101-B51
12 February 2015
When Can I Speak
Americans today are slowly losing the many rights of the constitution and mostly the right to have freedom of speech. There are multiple things that show that this promise has been put on the backburner or over looked. One of the many issues with this promise is the fact that you can’t speak against homosexuality. Another fact is that you can’t protest against government’s adjudication even if you strongly disagree with the decisions. According to society the promise of freedom to speak has been abolished from the Americans of the United States.
First of all, the states are making it illegal to speak against homosexuality by creating a bill that states that churches and pastors can’t speak against the sexuality belief. The Constitution pronounces, that man be independent in states and right to have freedom of speech and press. If the states continue to establish these laws the promise the four fathers have made will be abolished. If this is abolished the concept of the constitution will be all a lie because it won’t be genuine anymore. Also the reason that this is a problem is because it doesn’t abide by the bible. One the bible speaks that same sex relations is a sin and will not be inherited in the kingdom of god. Also the bible speaks that this is an abomination and they shall be put to death. Although that is a bit harsh, it states why there shouldn’t be a law against speaking on homo-sexuality, the law should be against those who are homo-sexual.
When someone makes up a law or something, you would think you have the right to protest or state your opinion against this, but you’re completely wrong. This is another issue when freedom of speech is the topic. Protesting is an expression of objection with words or actions towards policies or even events. People should allowed to protest because it’s basically what they feel should be said or done to express their feelings or...

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