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What Is the Possibility of the Trojan Wawr Essay

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  • on August 22, 2015
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Possibility of the Trojan War
Using you own knowledge and the sources provided in the case study, evaluate whether the evidence supports the possibility of a Trojan War.

From my own knowledge and the sources provided, a Trojan War likely occurred. It was not sparked by Helen of Troy and wasn’t as exasperated as in Homer’s Iliad. Evidence of a Trojan War will be examined including major figures of Homer’s Iliad, written sources and the archaeology of Mycenae and Troy.

Authoritative and powerful people have been described to be major figures during the Trojan War such as Helen of Troy, Hector and Achilles. These characters have been created to exaggerate the story. It is believed that the Trojan War started over the most beautiful woman in the world, Helen, a Greek stolen from her husband Menelaus by Paris, a Trojan.   Heinrich Schliemann, an ‘archaeologist’ excavated Troy during the 1870’s finding Jewels which he believed to belong to Helen of Troy.   This accusation is impossible as they were dated 1000 years after the war. Troy was a rich city so it is highly likely that many women had jewels like the ones he found. Helen was a female figure, created through oral stories to display the ideology of a woman during the Bronze Age. Hector was a powerful Trojan warrior, brother of Paris who brought the war to Troy.   Unlike other characters, Hector has no other mentioning outside of the Iliad, making it hard to confirm that he is a factual figure. Achilles was a powerful Greek warrior. It is strongly believed by Greek mythology that he was part immortal.   The modern world finds it hard to comprehend that Gods had such powers, making Achilles a fictional figure.   From my analysis, Helen of Troy, Hector and Achilles are fictional characters which have been developed to depict an ideology and make either side seem stronger.  

Homer’s Iliad, Linear B and Hittites Tablets are 3 major written sources of information that support the possibility of a Trojan war....

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