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What Is Soil Erosion Essay

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Soil erosion has been occurring for 450 million years since the first land and plants
formed the first soil.   Even before this, natural processes moved loose rock off the Earth’s
surface.   In general, erosion removes soil at the same rate, it’s formed .   However, there is
accelerated erosion as well which is loss of soil at a much faster rate than it is formed.
Whether soil erosion occurs both incrementally due to rainfall, snowfall, wind, or by
large storms, they produce big erosional problems like trenches and gullies in certain areas.
Although it may seem insignificant, over the course of time, the impact can be severe,
Overgrazing, overcultivation, and deforestation are things that can cause serious
damage to already fragile environments.   Overgrazing is when livestock is left to graze in
the same areas for too long, which makes it hard for grass to grow in these areas.   Overcultiv-
ation is when the continued use of the soil leads to loss of the soil structure which affects crop
production.   This, in turn can have repercussions on crops and perhaps affect crop yield.   Other
options would be to feed the livestock feed rather than letting them graze but this option could
become very expensive for farmers.   The overcultivated land could be turned over for other use
and other areas cleared for planting.
Deforestation is when trees are cleared for their lumber and when farmers clear land
to make way for planting crops.     The deforestation of the rainforests of Brazil is a good ex-
ample of how clearing the land of trees affects are world in a negative way because there is less
to protect us from greenhouse gases.

Source; soilerosion.net/doc/what_is_erosion

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