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What Is Csr Essay

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What is meant by the term CSR
Corporate social responsibility is a contribution made by an organisation to be ethical and contribute to the economic development while improving the quality of life for its workers and thir family and the community.
Stakeholder analyisis
Shareholders- shareholders want a return for their invest – they have the power of electing directors
Employers- employers want job security, fair pay and safe working environment- they have the influence of quality of service and induce industal action through strikes.
Buyers- good quality of product with cheap price they have the power of word of mouth, repeat custom and influencing reputation.
Suppliers- fast turnaround of pay for products, long relationships and fair offers for
Government- The government want job supplied to the community, companies to pay their taxes, and operate legally they have the power
Community- the community want jobs and want the companies to work in an environmental friendly way they have the power to stop business expanding though pattitions and barring planning persmission.

Can a company be profitable and ethical at the same time
Acclaimed by friedman the business of doing business is doing business. Wherther a company can contribute to CSR and the profitable solely depends on which field the business is in. According to vougel, a company can not be ethical if being ethical is not generating revenue for the company and struggeling to make ends meet.
4 example of bad CSR:
Croups teams and Belbin, tuckman


Porter- tesco
1.Interfirm rivalry
Direct compertions
2. indirect rivally
3.power of buyes
4.power of supliers
5.new entrants

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