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What Caused Slavery in the South Essay

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  • on April 18, 2015
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English 102
11 November 2014
What Caused Slavery in the South
“Slavery was a legally recognized system in which people were legally considered the property of another. A slave had few rights and could be bought or sold and made to work for the owner without any choice or pay.”(History) American slavery lasted for over 160 years, and led to historical events such as the Civil War and the Civil Rights movements. Slavery also led to issues like racism and segregation that we still face in the south and in other parts of the nation today. Slavery in the American south began as an idea to solve a problem, and was never expected to become one of the darkest events in American history. Studies in the history of slavery indicate that the most likely causes of slavery in the south were due to under population, demand for labor, and the greed of early American colonist.
European colonist began to settle in early America after 1600. By 1700 the colonist had formed the original 13 colonies. Most of these colonies were sustained by farming tobacco and cotton. At this time each of the colonies had a population of only a few hundred colonist, and out of that population only a small percentage actually contributed to working the fields and harvesting the crops. Each colony had a huge demand for labor, but the populations were not large enough to meet the demands. The colony of Virginia was the first colony to pose a solution to grow their population and meet the demand for labor. Virginia colonist came to an agreement with a group of Africans. This group of Africans was labeled as indentured servants under contract and exported to Jamestown, Virginia in 1619. Under an indentured servitude contract. These Africans were to provide manual labor for a set number of years with the promise of freedom and a piece of American land as compensation once they had served out their contract. At first the agreement between Virginia colonist and Africans was kept. Many Africans entered into...

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