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What Are The Problems With Shopping Online? How Ca Essay

  • Submitted by: tsechan
  • on March 23, 2012
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Below is an essay on "What Are The Problems With Shopping Online? How Ca" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

People need to buy goods in their lives. Nowadays, the internet is common in the world and people can shop online. Therefore, some people have unhappy experiences or problems when they buy products via the internet. On the other hand, some people are smart consumers and they enjoy when they shop online so shopping online is becoming popular. This essay will explain two main problems with shopping online and how these problems can be overcome.
The first problem of online shopping is people easily make mistakes in the deal. This means when the shoppers buy items via the internet. Firstly, online shoppers may buy wrong products because they never physically handle the items before they receive the item. For example, shoppers will click on the wrong item when they use the website to make the purchase and shoppers give a different item number when they contacts sellers to make the purchase (Belanger 2007). Also, Belanger (2007) says that shoppers may still make an error if the item has size options or dissimilar colors to choose from, even though they choose the right item and give an exact item number. Secondly, consumers may miss the additional costs hence the final payment will higher than expected. These costs such as concealed cost, managerial fee, and various business costs may be listed in fine print and in a distant part of the website (CyberAngels.org 2007). Consequently, buyers only know about these costs when they check their credit card or bank statements (CyberAngels.org 2007). Finally, sellers may deliver wrong products even when buyers have not made any mistakes. For instance, a storehouse employee may send the incorrect product wholly or may send the correct product in the wrong size or color (Belanger 2007). As a result, workers arrange a lot of orders by hand so they make a mistake easily (Belanger 2007). It is clear to show the first problem is people making mistakes such as buying wrong items, the final payment is more than expected and they are...

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