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Weimer Essay

  • Submitted by: beatlegirl1964
  • on March 23, 2012
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‘Identify the major challenges and weaknesses to Weimer 1918-1923.’

After the First World War strict rules were imposed on Germany that would affect the country for many years afterwards. The ‘Big Three’ (England, France and America) decided on future plans for Germany based upon the Treaty of Versailles, which would make Germany a democracy called the Weimer Republic that would have many challenges and weaknesses. These included the Treaty of Versailles, the national economy, Right and Left wing political parties, the Putsch of 1920 and 1923 and the constitution that ran the Republic. These major challenges and weaknesses would contribute to the end of the Weimer and into the Hitler years leading to World War II.

The Treaty of Versailles was implemented on Germany since 1919, from then on Germany had to pay reparations, reduce its military assets and men and change its system of Hierarchy with Kaiser Wilhelm as leader to a democratic Republic with a President. The new politicians that signed the Treaty became known as the ‘November Criminals’ who stabbed Germany in the back, although they had been forced. Failure to do so would’ve resulted in an Allied invasion. Knowing this General Hindenburg said "We can scarcely count on being able to withstand a serious offensive." On the 28th of June the Treaty was signed and thus began creating problems and the need for revenge. This lead to many politicians being assassinated by members of other political parties who wanted justice for what they had done to Germany. This was the start of the cracks that would bring down the Weimer Republic.
Because the Treaty made it compulsory for Germany to pay reparations of millions which the already troubled economy didn’t have, natural resources such as coal and steel were being used for the benefits of the Allies to rebuild their nations. This made it nearly impossible for Germany to recover and put severe constraints on the economy. All together Germany had to pay...

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