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Weight Training Review Sheet

  • Submitted by: Texaschilly
  • on April 15, 2015
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Weight Training Review Sheet

  1. We weight train for the following reasons:
        a. Muscle Tone b. Strength c.Rehabilitation d. Body Building

  2. Basically, there are two types of training:
        a. Low weight and high repetitions; used to train for endurance and to produce muscle tone
        b. High weight and low repetitions; used to primarily produce strength and muscle mass
  3. Two reasons for having a spotter are motivation and safety.
  4. Always breathe when lifting. Exhale during any concentric (positive) phase; inhale on the eccentric (negative) phase.
  5. Always exercise in a full range of motion by beginning from a pre-stretched position and ending in a fully contracted position.
  6. A repetition refers to the number of times a lift or exercise is executed.
  7. A set is the number of repetitions executed each time an exercise is performed.
  8. Progressive resistance exercise means the amount of weight you life should periodically increase to adjust to your new strength level.
  9. Always use proper form when executing an exercise to prevent injury and to isolate the muscle.
  10. Strength is the maximum amount of tension the muscle or muscle group can apply in a single effort.
  11. Anaerobic – the ability to work in excess of the body’s capacity to take oxygen into the tissues, resulting in an oxygen debt; i.e. weight training.
  12. A clean organized weight room is a safe facility.
  13. Before any weight training session there must be a warm up period consisted of either static stretching or active movement.
  14. It is very important to vary up exercises after a while so your muscles won’t get used to the same movement. This way it would shock the muscle to enhance strength and toning up.
  15. Technique, concentration, motivation, intensity, knowledge, organization and dedication are key factors for having an effective and safe work out program.

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