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Week 5 Reflection Essay

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Week Five Reflection
Learning Team C
March 19, 2012
Thomas Kershaw

Week Five Reflection
For Week Five, Learning Team C had to answer the following question based on Week Four's objectives, “What actions should a manager in the selected industry take to identify and protect the tangible property rights of the organization?” The team had to choose an industry and healthcare was the choice.

According to the 'Lectric Law Library (2012), tangible property is, “property that has physical substance and can be touched; anything other than real estate or money, including furniture, cars, jewelry and china.” Tangible property, also known as personal property also consists of different kinds of machines and equipments used for businesses and money making purposes.   Owners of tangible property can be protected under the law to prevent other individuals from possessing it, guarding the property from being stolen, destroyed by vandalism and trespassing. No matter the industry, it is important for a company to protect its tangible assets.

      In the healthcare industry one must protect the equipment being used because the equipment can be very pricey. Management should make sure that only authorized employees use certain equipment. For example, a receptionist should not handle radiology equipment because damage can be done and it will cause the facility a lot of money to fix or replace the damaged equipment. Even worst, harm can come to a patient if an untrained employee uses equipment he is not suppose to and that can cause a potential lawsuit. For the more high tech equipment, management should have a log for all users. The log should include all authorized personnel and whenever the equipment is accessed the employee should sign the logbook and management should review the logbook on a monthly basis. Management should also provide training when systems are upgraded to make sure the authorized employees use the equipment properly. Another way...

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