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Weaving Essay

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Below is an essay on "Weaving" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

apparel,household,technic tex. weave:interlacing two systems of yarns at right angle. warp:lie along fabric length fabric parameters:warp-wef counts,densities,weave,crimp,weight,thickness,cover,width. Loom:weavers beam-back rest-healds-heald frames-reed-shuttle-cloth roll. motions:shedding,picking,beat up(push to cloth fell),let-off,take-up   machine classify: phase number,weft insert system,shedding mechanisms,weft color pattern capablty,fabric weight single phase:shuttle(handloom,powerloom,automtc loom),shutlelss(projectile:single-multi,fast,rapier:single.double, single:rigid,extends witdh; double:weft inserted halfway,other carrier takes from there to end. ,jet;water:most economic forhydrofobic syntetich fibers ,air:used for cotton,filaments)   shedding: cam(limited desgn, 2or more heald ,dobby(punched card for design),jacquard(healds control by harness card). By yarn type, fabric weight, width,quality we choose machine. Weave plan; weave,did:which warp goes which frame,lift plan: motions of heald frames low or lift,reedplan:yarn no in each reed dent. weft density:mac.speed/takeupspeed. cloth count:warp*weft count. Auxiliary func.of weaving: warp protector, warp.weft stop,weft replenishment,weft patterning,weft mixing, weft storage,width control,selvedge formation leno.tuckin.dummy. selvedgs: for uniform appreance,to lock warp threads. fringe;pick yarn cut aftr each insert,tuckin;wth tuckn mechanism edges return back into fabric,leno:desgn lock warps loom drive: main motor,pulley,v.belts,fly wheels,clutch,main shaft(drives slay),cross shaft(drive picking),drive shaft. main shaft one turn one yarn pick,bottom sh.one turn two yarn picked. cam shaft drives shedding. improve productivity(wir/m2,air:0.55,dornier:0.43): reduct settng time, flexble sort-run prodctn, quality yarn, saving in labor. Cost factors: machine purchase price,inflation,energy cost,material cost,labor. Shedding is done by raising lowering heald frmes or harness cord. we want small shed opening to...

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