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We Need Fancy Desserts Essay

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  • on April 15, 2015
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Dyson 1

We Need Fancy Desserts!

Dyson 2

Gabrielle Dyson
Chef Patkus
Advanced Patisserie
27 March 2015

  “What need is there, really, for anything more complex than a scoop of sherbet?” says Ozersky (2). Many people may agree with this statement, while others may disagree for the simple fact that dessert is much more than “a scoop of sherbet”, or even “a piece of cake”. To me dessert is so much more because it can be created and displayed in many different ways. Yes, I believe that serving a fancy dessert at the end of a 10 course meal is crazy but if you’re at a fine dining restaurant it can also be an experience. Restaurants in NYC like Amali, Lafayette, and Café Boulud are all known for their wonderful food but also their desserts (3).
  Amali is a beautiful restaurant based off of a Mediterranean theme. While the food is excellent, and the people are welcoming the pastry chef is even more wonderful, specializing in desserts that are seasonal but also unusual and savory (3). Anna Markow has been working at Amali since 2013 and actually started pretty late in the pastry department. Her desserts are very simple and have a “home” feeling but they are also well plated and very unique (1). Though her dark chocolate cake doughnuts sound very simple and plain, the caffe latte gelato and cardamom make them so much more elegant and appetizing than any regular cake doughnut (3). Another popular restaurant also known for their desserts is Lafayette, not only is this a grand café but it’s a bakery as well. Their Pastry department is run by their new chef Jennifer Yee (4). Specializing in French cuisine their menu offers plenty of sorbets, glaces, and other French dishes. She is
Dyson 3
most known for her Puff-nini which is a classic mille feuille but instead the puff pastry is slightly grilled on a Panini press (3). Since it’s not just a restaurant, people come all the time for desserts and breads; so what would they be if they didn’t have any sweets at...

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