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We Are Seven Essay

  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on April 16, 2015
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Christopher Phillips
Professor Mark Reynolds
ENG 312
13 April 2015
Week Three Journal
Analysis of William Wordsworth’s We Are Seven
This week’s assignment was yet another work of William Wordsworth, and once again another brilliant work of which I could not but down. William Wordsworth’s “We Are Seven,” was a 1798 work, of which Wordsworth bases on a real life event. This event took place in his life on the topic of death and how children in their innocence view it. I found this work to be one of which no one truly has gave credit to, and as I have proceeded through this course have found Wordsworth’s works to be probably my most memorable and fascinating poems to enjoy and read during my spare time. In this work “We Are Seven,” Wordsworth has a short discussion with a little cottage girl who was eight years old, on the question of her siblings (How many may you be?). The little girl replies “we are seven,” of which two of us at Conway dwell (line 19), two are gone to sea (line 20), two of us in the church-yard lie (line 20), and I (line 23). To the little girl’s surprise Wordsworth ask how can this be seven if two in the church-yard lie? The little girl’s response was one of which Wordsworth could never forget nor predict. To his surprise the little girl with curls talks of her moments with her sister and brother (only twelve steps from her mother’s door), of which she persist they are seven in all. What I found so sad was the moment the little girl mentions about her and her brother going to her Sister Jane’s grave singing and eating supper. She moves forward to discuss her Brother John’s death in winter and how he lies beside their sister’s side at the cemetery. From all of this we gather that this little girl whom of which is never named, even while exposed to death, still views her siblings alive and apart of the family regardless if deceased. This made me think of many moments when I have had friends or loved ones pass away, and while they are gone I...

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