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Water Essay

  • Submitted by: peacock97
  • on April 1, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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Matthew Peacock
Women in Asia
Professor Policicchio
Water Reaction Paper

Reaction Paper
The movie Water is a very interesting story of the patriarchy that has taken over India for many millenniums.   This movie has drawn much controversy not only because it was filmed in India, where the country is very much still a male dominated country where women are discriminated against, the filming of this movie started in an area of India that was much so sacred to the people of the country.   Many of the people didn’t like this so it caused a lot of controversy and filming for the movie was suspended.   When the movie was finally finished it still faced much criticism but was also accepted by many at the same time.
One of the man characters of the movie was a young child by the name of Chuyia who was a young widow who had been sent away to a confinement facility for widows.   Chuyia situation is different because when we think of widows we think of older women whose husbands have died and the widow who is left behind usually doesn’t have much longer to live herself.   Chuyia breaks this stereotype. When she was seven years old she was married to a much older man, but before she could even get to an age to where she could even go live with him, he ended up dying thus making Chuyia a widow.   The average person might think because she is so young maybe her parents could just find her another husband, but nope, not in this situation.   Traditions say that no matter what the age is of the widow, which they must go away and stay the rest of their lives at these facilities.   The problem that Chuyia had with this is because she is so young which made her immature and rebellious and almost unaccepted of the life style.   It also makes her more likely to be taken advantage of by some of the older women such as the head house widow TiTi.   No one knows how TiTi became the head house widow, maybe it is because of her old age, but sometimes she would be able to convince Chuyia to give...

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