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Waaaaaat Essay

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Acceleration & Speed Problems Practice

You MUST show your work. Showing your work has three steps: Write the formula, plug in the numbers, do the math. Circle your answer!

  1. Colin skateboards down the sidewalk in front of the school, traveling at 24 km/h. How much time would it take him to travel 6.0 km?

  2. Andrew and Jennifer are in a 3-legged race at Fall Fair. How far could they run if they ran 36 km/h for 5 min?

  3. If you ran 15 km/h for 20 min, how much distance would you cover?

  4. Marcy doesn't want to be late for class so she rushes to McDonald’s at lunch. How much time would it take Marcy to walk 2 km to McDonalds's for an apple fritter if she walked at a rate of 4.5 km/h?

  5. Riley chucks a water balloon at a big, mean looking guy at the park. Running for his life, he travels 100m in 9.83s. What was his average speed?

  6. Kendra is coming home late, past her curfew. As she sneaks quietly into her house trying not to wake up her parents, she slinks up the stairs moving 10.7 m in 26.8 s. Find her speed.
  7. For her birthday, Stacey gets a shiny new bike with a horn and a basket on the front. She wants all her friends to see and so begins riding up and down her street. What is her speed if she goes 40.5 m in 5.6 s?

  8. Sharis sees a guy at the dance that she has a crush on and decides to chase him and ask him out on a date.. Find her speed if she runs 80.3 m in 4.6 s.

  9. The night before a big science test, Kendra goes to see "What a Girl Wants” Now she doesn't want to take the test and is dragging herself to class. If her speed is 0.2 m/s, how far will she move in 28 s?

  10. While on a weekend trip to New York City, you spot Angelina Jolie and just HAVE to meet her. You run after her at 2.7 m/s. How far will you have moved in 15.9 s?

  11. Josh G struts down...

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