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Vonnegut Chapter 1 Review

  • Submitted by: samsu5
  • on April 1, 2014
  • Category: English
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Sam Sullivan
Period 6
Date 1/2/14

                                                                  Chapter 1

"So it goes" (Vonnegut 2)

Ugh. I apologize; I should never begin a dialectal journal entry like that, especially since it's the first one. Unfortunately that is the only word that popped into my head. I understand in order to fit this curriculum I should use words like vague, impartial, or indistinct. Except me those words don't fit with the quote I chose.  I chose this quote because I can't seem to wrap my finger on why Vonnegut is putting up this wall, as if death, war, and all the tragedies can just be brushed off your shoulder like nothing. So what goes Vonnegut? Wasn’t the whole point of writing this book to help you find closure?
  the phrase so "it goes” reminds me of this episode of Seinfeld (I understand his going over off-topic but just bear with me) when George is dating this woman and he asked her what she did last night and she replies "my ex-boyfriend came over and 'yada yada yada' I'm pretty tired." (Sorry if that is to innapropro) it kills George when he is trying to figure out what went on during those "yada yada's" later on we do discover what happened, except in Vonnegut's book, or at least the first chapter, I don't know what goes and it absolutely  kills me.

"This one is a failure, and it had to be since it was written by a pillar of salt." (Vonnegut 22)

  Initially Vonnegut wrote this book to tell everyone what he witnessed at Dresden, but during the process of having to relive those gruesome moments he destroyed himself, and that's okay because he is only human.
  I chose this quote as well because it ties in with the first one. every time Vonnegut is just about to tell us something he brushes it off and change the subject, in the end the chapter he reveals to the reader that this book destroyed him, and then immediately he goes on to...

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