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Voice Of The Sixties Essay

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  • on March 22, 2012
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The Spark of the Sixties
The sixties was a decade full of life, adventure and heartbreak. There was the start of rock n’ roll, the man on the moon, Vietnam war, civil rights and so much more.   The sixties became known as the start for the peace & love age of the American youth.   During the troubled times Woodstock was a place where you could forget the issues going around and rock out to new and upcoming artists. The Jetsons and Star Trek were a television series that was set in the future times with flying cars, space ships, intergalactic wars and all races had become equal. In everyone’s eyes no one was looked at differently because of skin or ethnicity.   The youth of the day made statements in many ways so they could speak their voice with actions.
Family life was very similar to the fifties in that dinner was family time, the father was the man of the house and also the sole provider. Predictions were made and the world would still be considered a male dominant. The father would go to work, the mother would clean, cook and shop and the children played outside when they were not studying for their education.   The future home would have home monitors were the mother could window shop all while being in the comforts of home. Bills, taxes and other expenses could be printed right in the home office and could be paid for by just pressing a few buttons. Television screens could be hung up on the wall and microscopic cameras would be all throughout the home either to play big brother on the children or to see who comes to the door for an unexpected visit. It is very strange seeing these predictions that some people had and they were right on quite a few of them.
Star Trek and The Jetsons were just two of many television shows and movies that were set in the future. Star Trek had that utopian quality to it. It also had a few similar issues to the present day as in: racism, sexism, wars and the evil that some cultures just have. Even though these issues were...

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