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Viva Voce Essay

  • Submitted by: mishy8
  • on March 22, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Viva Voce" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Part A: Aural Analysis
Title of Piece: Secrets
Composer: One Republic

Pitch- Major tonality -Sforzando is used on the third beat-Alberti bass with the main rhythm-Ostinato based cello melody-Vocals made register | Duration-Demi-semiquavers constantly with the cello in the beginning- Rhythm flows and is flexible -A tempo from chorus to second verse-Rubato used for the chorus-Syncopation of the drums | Structure-Melodic ostinato -Pattern is altered-Popular song structure |
Dynamics/Expressive Techniques-Fortissmo on the chorus-Decrescendo between chorus and second verse | Texture -Cello-Viola-Drums-The drums are thick | Tone Colour- Warm but rich sound-Soprano vocals-Drums are very percussive, dominates the song-Cello, viola creates the warm sound |

Part B: Viva Voce

Title & Composer: Secrets-One Republic
One Republic use of a variety of forms of musical notation to communicate his songs to a large audience.
  * It is in an allegro tempo
  * In simple quadruple time (44)
  * In the key of D major
  * Main instruments used are the cello, viola, drums and a male vocal register
  * Is of a popular song structure which consists of the parts AABA
  * Begins with the Bach's Cello Suite 1
  * This melodic ostinati is continuously played in the background until the song ends
  * Male vocal register comes by in the 8th bar and is sung in a bass voice however
  * Drums are introduced at the start of the chorus
  * The snare used on the drums uses sforzando on the third beat, creates a definite beat for the song
  * Drums are very percussive and it dominates the whole song
  * Between the first verse and the chorus, piu mosso is used which creates a little movement and is played faster
  * Duration is also shown as it shows the accurate length of notes, time signature and also the tempo of the piece
  * Disadvantage of the traditional notations of the piano scores is that there is a low level of freedom, as it has been arranged for...

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