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Virus Argumentative Essay

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The properties of life are organization, homeostasis, reproduction, growth and development, metabolism, excretion, and movement. Viruses are infective agents that are usually made up of either DNA or RNA molecule in a protein coat. The function of viruses is to capture a host cell so that the virus can reproduce and infect the whole body.   I believe that viruses are not living things, however another person might oppose and think that viruses are living things.
The article “Do Viruses Meet the Conditions to be Called a Life Form” by Jackson Pollock states “To be called "living" the organism must qualify under the seven categories; they must have order, be able to reproduce, be able to grow and develop, utilize energy, respond to their environment, maintain homeostasis, and adapt through evolution. Viruses qualify under all of these categories except metabolism and reproduction, for which they act as a parasite and use a host cell to do it for them.” This shows that viruses do not meet all of the characteristics needed to be considered a living thing. However some might that viruses are living things because according to the the article “Giant Viruses are Ancient Living Organisms” by   LiveScience Staff states “For instance, the ocean's largest virus, a giant virus called CroV, has genes that let it repair its genome.” That means that viruses are able to repair their DNA without the help of another cell. On the other there is better evidence to support the claim that viruses are not living because according to the article “HIV: Evolving Menace” by anonymous states “But a virus can’t make copies by itself; it needs the equipment of a living cell.” That shows that since viruses can’t reproduce on their own, they are not a living thing.
The article   “Do Viruses Meet the Conditions to be Called a Life Form” by Jackson Pollock states “A virus is not alive, but is on the verge of life because it fails to reach the level of complexity and combination of emergent...

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