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Vido Games Essay

  • Submitted by: mtotosonkoh
  • on August 19, 2015
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The home video gaming industry is more than 30 years old now. During this period, a great deal of improvement has been witnessed in the computer technology as it has improved at a geometric rate. Video games have in the same sense increased in the lives of children and taken up most of their time. The games have been consequently seen as becoming more graphically violent over time. Parents and educators have questioned over and over again the impact of these changes to the lives of the children. Many researches have also been conducted on the same. Many recommendations have been put across and different hypothesis proved beyond questionable doubt. However, the main question still lingers in the minds of the parents and educators; what is the way forward? These games, for your information, are in continuous production and cessation is not expected in the near future. This is partly because the games are made with new targets every time (Gentile 1). Even adults have been in the recent past engrossed in the gaming world. Adolescents however top the list with 13 hours/week for boys and 5.5 hours/week for girls as the average play time.

      The worrying question is nonetheless related to the impact of the games on the players. Is there any effect on the behavior? Is there a psychological connection between delinquency and gaming? Are there any anti-social behaviors acquired from these video games? With numerous studies being conducted all over the world to refute or support purported claims, there leaves little room for people to independently judge the effects of the games on the minds of the children. Parents are most targeted since they witness the changes that their children undergo and relate them to the video games they play. However, it is not fair to propagate different points of view that have unfounded facts. Video games have been found to be very educative and helpful to the children from different perspectives. Children are able to learn distinct values...

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