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Victimology Essay

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  • on August 19, 2015
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The following are psychological types of victims:

The Depressed. These victims may suffer from a disturbance of the instinct of self-preservation. Without such an instinct, the individual may be easily overwhelmed or surprised by dangers or enemies.
The Acquisitive. This type of person makes an excellent victim. The excessive desire for gain eclipses intelligence, business experience, and inner impediments.
The Wanton. Often, a sensual or wanton disposition requires other concurrent factors to become activated. Loneliness, alcohol, and certain critical phases are process-accelerators of this type of victim.
The Lonesome and Heartbroken. Loneliness causes criminal mental facilities to be weakened. These individuals become easy prey for criminals. The heartbroken victims are dazed by their loss, and therefore become easy targets for a variety of "death rackets" that might, for example, charge a widow an outlandish fee for a picture of her late husband to be included in his biography.
The Tormentor. This victim becomes a perpetrator. This is the psychotic father who may abuse his wife and children for a number of years until one of the children grows up and, under extreme provocation, kills him.
The Blocked, Exempted, and Fighting. The blocked victim is so enmeshed in such a losing situation that defensive moves become impossible. This is a self-imposed form of helplessness and an ideal condition for a victim from the point of view of the criminal.
The Activating Sufferer. This occurs when the victim is transformed into a perpetrator. A number of factors operate as activators on the victim, such as certain predispositions, age, alcohol, and loss of self-confidence.
Assignment Guidelines

Address the following in 750–1,000 words:
For each of the typologies of Von Hentig’s theory, describe how they would apply to both direct and indirect domestic violence victims.
Include 1–2 examples for each typology, and fully justify your arguments.
Be sure to...

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