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Vampires Essay

  • Submitted by: donellemullin
  • on April 18, 2015
  • Category: English
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Donelle Mullin
Composition II Assignment II

I think that my writing will be about how vampires have evolved to the Twilight series movies and books.   My daughter decided to get these books and read them.   I found myself reading each and every book with every detail then going and getting each of the movies to watch them.   It is one of the first vampire movies that I truly enjoyed and my daughter and I continue to replay the series.   I think that these movies became so popular because everyone was familiar with the original vampires, this story was more of the gentle side and a love story.   Though time many movies have been made of vampires, most of which I have viewed.   This one stuck out somehow and made the vampire so much different of a character.

The first vampire movie made was Dracula back in 1931.   This is when sound first entered the film industry and it was a hit.   During the depression many had hardships and were not able to provide for their families.   This movie depicted both, Dracula had it all, and he was fearsome, wealthy, had all the women and was immortal.   When his presence was known, you knew something bad was going to happen.   This was the era where the villains were born.   Soon would follow Frankenstein, The Bride of Dracula, and The Werewolf.   Horror movies evolved with a huge hit, everyone loved the thrill of being scared.  

The first movies made, which I have watched, are quite different than the horror movies that we watch today.   I remember being a kid and watching Nightmare on Elm Street for the first time.   I was so scared to go to bed because I thought I would die in my sleep just as in the movie.   We watch movies that scare us to go out at night in dark places that something or someone might jump out and get us.   I know I really like a good horror movie still but sometimes the realism in the movie can be more than you bargained for.   Then are the horror/thriller movies such as Final Destination.   Where you cheat death only to...

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