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Value of Life Essay

  • Submitted by: duyenpham
  • on April 3, 2014
  • Category: English
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Below is an essay on "Value of Life" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The Value of life. Have you ever think about these four words before? I meant the exactly definition of them. Or you’re just living, playing   and enjoying life till the day you expire that without attention to its value? What do you think?
    For my own thoughts, value of life is when we can enjoy life with everything around us was always full of joy as well as happy laughter. Is when after a long tiring day at school, go back home, can eat and talk together to the loved ones in family at dinner time. I know money is worth because it affect us very much. If have a lot of money in hands but do not have love from people, joy for yourself, so money now is really worth? Or it is only planktonic then when you die you cannot carry? The value of life is not in the results we do. The value of life is really what we are having, enjoying in our depths. One of nature's most perfect enjoyment it's a free spirit, a life of freedom. Husband can not force his wife to become a slave for him. Wife also can not force husband to become a slave for her. Parents can not always force their children to follow certain what they distributing, except for things that legitimate, they still have to respect children’s life.
    On the other hands, value of life is also seen as value of knowledge. Over time, each of us always accumulate for themselves a certain amount of knowledge in life. Knowledge helps us conceive things happen in life and thus can resolve things in a way that is most appropriate for us. Therefore, knowledge contributed to the decision to conduct our method, and the method of proper behavior, appropriate will help for our life is better. Thus, knowledge is one of the values ​​is useful for life. The value of knowledge but not measured as the specific material value but it is easy to recognize, as it is manifested in the behavior of our method, and that expression can always be other people around us recognize clear. No one can possess knowledge right from the moment of...

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