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Vaishu.m Essay

  • Submitted by: vaishumagesh
  • on March 23, 2012
  • Category: English
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And of Clay Are We Created: Summary
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The story opens abruptly, with a startling line: ‘‘They discovered the girl’s head protruding from the mudpit, eyes wide open, calling soundlessly.’’ As soon becomes clear, the girl is thirteen-year-old Azucena, one of thousands of villagers who lived on the slopes of a mountain in Latin America. A volcanic eruption has created enough heat to melt the ice on the mountain slopes, leading in turn to tremendous mudslides that have buried entire towns and killed more than twenty thousand people. The narrator, who is never named, watches pictures of the devastation on the television...

1) What is the central conflict of this story? Is it external or internal? Explain? 

The central conflict of this story is between a little girl named Azuzena who tried to survive the horrific natural disaster which is the mudslide. This conflict is an external conflict because it between her physical fitness and nature. The other main conflict of this story is Rolf Carle against his undesired young memories. This conflict is an internal conflict because his memories are within himself and cannot be solved by the external factors. 

2) What is the exposition of this story?

The exposition of this story is described the setting and the characters whom is in this story up to the point where Rolf Carle and the others was able to reached Azuzena, not further than that. The exposition is a girl is trapped in a mudslide and Rolf Carle is trying to save her.

3) What is the setting? 

This story takes place at the city of which is located at the slope of an active volcano that suffered the natural disaster which is the mudslide; it occurs in modern time.
4) What is the Climax? 

The climax of this story is when the main character which is Azuzena died before the pump could arrive in time. 

5) What is the resolution?

The resolution of...

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  • Submitted by: vaishumagesh
  • on March 23, 2012
  • Category: English
  • Length: 1,038 words
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