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Vaccines Essay

  • Submitted by: NickLam1
  • on August 20, 2015
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A vaccine provides an individual with immunity to a disease that has not yet been encountered. It works by mimicking an

infection, but doing so safely, in order to generate memory cells that are specific. This may involve utilizing microbes

that have been killed or attenuated (rendered harmless) or an antigen derived from component parts of the pathogen.

These may be give Vaccine administration may be oral, by injection, by puncture, transdermal or intranasal. Examples of

diseases which can be prevented with vaccines include measles, the common flu, Rabies and sinusitis, just to name a

few, without requiring the body to go through a massive or even deadly amount of pain.   It also helps to combat chronic

(long lasting) diseases by alerting the immune system before someone actually gets the virus.   Children often catch

diseases from public places such as schools, parks and benches, since they have bad hygiene habits such improper hand

washing and eating off the floor.   Children have immature immune systems, which means a greater risk of infection, less

hard immunity from some infections, which is why children should be immunised against common communicable


Children are normally much more susceptible to diseases due to their immature immune systems, as mentioned before,

means an easier chance of bacterial or viral infection. Vaccines can help prepare the immune system for attack by giving

an attenuated version of the virus. Vaccines work because the immune system detects the particles and is activated,

producing antibodies and Memory B and T cells to remember the enemy, so next time they get infected the

bacteria/viruses normally get killed before the person even notices.

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