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Vaccine Controversy Essay

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  • on April 15, 2015
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Vaccine Controversy
After reading the article about the vaccination controversy and reviewing some of the hyper-links and watching the video I feel, that even though people may have fears of their child developing autism or other health risks, vaccination is the best defense for us against many disease. It would seem, that with the recent wide spread out break of Measles, people would be able to see just how important vaccinations are.
Vaccinations help to prevent so many children for becoming sick or even possibly dying from illness that have killed and scared so many in the past. I feel that people have forgotten how terrible these diseases can be, for example Pertussis also know at Whooping cough can be life threating for babies who are too young to receive the vaccination to Pertussis. Pertussis can cause pneumonia and breathing problems, and many children who catch whooping cough may end up in the hospital or may even die.
Many children may not be able to receive vaccinations due to the fact their immune system are weak or they are allergic to some of the ingredients in the vaccine, in the past people like this were somewhat protected by something know as herd immunity, this means that because the people around them where protected for the early childhood illness, they were to.   When people choose not to vaccinate they are not only putting their own child at danger but other as well.
Many people choose not to vaccinate due to the possible side effects of these vaccines and many people have been falsely lead to believe that vaccines cause Autism. The study that showed a link between autism and vaccination was based on the belief of parents that their children developed autism after the MMR vaccination, this was a small study based on eight children. There have been many studies performed with many more children involved, and some were studied over the course of their entire life that showed no connection between vaccination and autism.
With all these...

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