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Vaccination Essay

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Vaccinations for Children
Fewer current issues have a greater impact in the overall well-being of the human race than the debate over vaccines. This ongoing debate could potentially eradicate a strand of disease, should the future generations of children become immune to the illness. “By the age of
Even though vaccines are a great thing, some people, especially parents of young children, still resist
vaccinations. Claiming side effects such as autism and other developmental disorders, some parents choose to delay or even exempt their children from vaccines. Although some disorders are thought to originate from the use of immunizations, refusal to vaccinate a child will put them
Some serious, but highly rare, side effects have been cited for vaccine use in children. This includes: anaphylactic shock, commonly known as an allergic reaction, paralysis, and even instant death. A number of parents won’t let their children get vaccinated because they don’t want to risk a horrific outcome, especially when the disease is not usually fatal. However, these damaging effects have not been scientifically proven to exist. Even if proven, the chances are greater that a child will contract a dangerous illness by not getting shots than their likelihood of having a maiming side effect.
The greatest counter argument against child vaccination is the supposed link between vaccines and developmental disorders. Included in the connected disorders are autism, ADD and
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2, you could potentially prevent 14 serious diseases in children” (Bednar 44).

in the path of disease.

Essay 2
ADHD. The first link between vaccines and autism came when “British doctor Andrew Wakefield and his colleagues published the first paper suggesting the MMR vaccine was linked to symptoms...

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