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Use Of Rhetoric As Applied To Car Sales Essay

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  • on March 23, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Use Of Rhetoric As Applied To Car Sales" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Effective communication is a necessary skill. Whether suggesting a “Biggie Sized” fast food order, reviewing a patient's different treatment options or coaching a student, effective communication is necessary. Effective communication is utilizing ethos, logos and pathos masterfully. Salespeople must utilize ethos, logos and pathos during each customer interaction.
As an automotive salesperson ethos, or credibility, is absolutely necessary. The customer will not purchase a vehicle if they do not like, trust, or respect their salesperson. Demonstrating ethos can be shown several ways. The product demonstration, rapport and investigating steps of the sale is where the customer will find situated ethos. A credible salesperson will ask questions that will find the customer's wants and needs. The demonstration highlights these wants and needs. The sales process may not reach the demonstration stage if the salesperson is lacking ethos. Referencing sales literature or product manuals will demonstrate invented ethos.
A large purchase is not always a logical purchase. Buying motives are normally emotional. An automotive salesperson's presentation has very minimal logos. The salesperson will use logic only when selecting a vehicle's utility, such as towing capacities or the seating arrangement.
Purchasing a vehicle is a very emotional decision. Most customer's second largest purchase is an automobile. Pathos is very important when closing the sale. The salesperson will reinforce the customer's desires that were important and the trade-in's shortcomings. The salesperson's job is using the customer's emotions when closing the sale.
Effective communication defines a salesperson's success. A salesperson must provide an effective argument showing the customer why they need the product. Automotive sales professionals use ethos, logos and pathos effectively everyday when selling their product and providing their customers solutions.

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